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Marriage a little Stale?
  Learn from a guy who has been married for 37 yrs, to the same woman, still in love, and still thinks she's Hot! Is he a little crazy? Yes. Is his wife a little spoiled? Yes, just ask her she will be the first to admit it. Is he or his wife perfect LOL??? Of course not, they are both very human.

   You see Brian has a real passion for encouraging marriages and families, especially with the men. He feels a great marriage starts with the husband. Ephesians 5:28 " husbands love your wife as Christ loved the church." He says That's a real mouthful, God didn't put that there by mistake. He is very blunt in telling men you better "suck it up" and do the right thing (they know what that means, then he explains it anyway). He tells them we all go through tough seasons with our marriage and family, but that's not a reason to quit. You have kids watching you, you better be a good example!!!

    Brian has a simple philosophy for marriage: Love God, Love your Spouse.

    So if you have an event that needs a very down to earth funny christian guy who will make people laugh, maybe shed a tear, and challenge them in their marriage. Then you  Better, Book, Brian.    Call him at 906-271-0063 

Wedding Day 5/12/1979
Checking out their daughter's new house project.
Enjoying Mackinac Island, MI 
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Brian explains the Difference between Men and Women.